Tango is passion, energy, study, sacrifice and strictness, Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad (Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity-Unesco). The music, the content of the songs and the rhythm, makes it an art. In my opinion, being able to dance tango and to understand the true meaning of it, a tanguero should go necessarily through three phases:  A) Body education. It is not easy for the body to adapt it self to the disociación (dissociation). A tanguero has to be from the waist up, air, and in contrast from the heaps  to the bottom ground. To learn the intentional strong energy and balance inside your body in contrast to the smooth movements without tension, it is not easy at all.  B) After learning how to use your body, you will arrive to create amazing steps: as volcatas, colgatas, voleos, adornos, etc.  C) But the real hard work is the interpretation! It means after learning all different styles of tango: Milonguero, Salon, Tango Nuevo, you will interpret your personal tango. It will depend of your own sensibility, character, taste and culture. Nobody can say to know tango, it´s a continuously study to find new ways through innovative experience This is obviously my personal idea of Tango. But there is also the social part, the fun of it and sharing of it. The tanguero´s sect is around the world, but the frame and the content of Milonga is always the same: passion, the pleasure to spend hours in Milongas sharing energy with other tangueros and comment about the performances of famous professional Argentinian couple of tango that travel around the world to spread their culture.</p But, above it all, tango means elegance. Elegance of movements and style of life. After 15 years of tango experience, I feel the necessity to create tango couture dresses with <a href="">Patrick Stephan</a>´s collaboration. He is a French Couturier who has strong experience of Haute Couture (he worked in John Galliano and Christian Dior Maison and currently is working in Japan with his own designs). Our idea is to create tanguero/a dresses, under commission, unique pieces of Haute Couture to interpret different personalities and styles of tango´s world. We are starting with three different ideas: Zarina tanguero style, French bohémien 50´s style and dark tanguero style. The common factor will be: dresses made with precious fabrics, in a modern way, unique creation of luxury art.